With its foundations laid in 1996, NET İnşaat Danışmanlık Mühendislik A.Ş. is operating in the fields of building construction project designs, advisory and contracting.

NET İnşaat Danışmanlık Mühendislik has adopted its corporate strategy as taking a leading role in its sector, acting in a respectful manner towards the environment and values of the community in the manufacturing process of the products released to the market and contributing to a better and more prosperous future. Without making any concessions from the reliable and consistent structure attained therefrom, it is advancing to carry ahead its business sector.

Further to its experience and accumulation in excess of 20 years, such an approach adopted via customer-focused business concept targeting efficiency is gaining value not only through material acquisitions but as well as by means of contributions provided to the whole community by the emerging products. To this end, it is giving service in several independent areas such as industrial facilities, factory buildings, storage buildings, vehicle sale and service stations, hotels, schools, residence housing as well as urban transformation projects, sports facilities and the like.

Projects engaged with the target of prioritizing ultimate satisfaction are implemented and actualized by devising optimum solutions without making any concessions from excellence, speed, innovation and security.

Our Quality Policy as NET İNŞAAT;

Our target is becoming a reliable and exemplary institution, making avail of our experiences in the Construction Sector. In respect of each and every decision to be taken and any strategy to be generated to arrive at such target, without making any concessions from business ethics and honest operating practices, our Basic Principle comprises of:

  • Adopting the concept that quality is a lifestyle,
  • For ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, reflecting in our products the know-how in our fields of expertise
  • Generating a peaceful and secure working ambient for our entire staff, enabling a superior performance production process
  • Upon enabling perpetual training, developing and improving knowledge and skills of our employees
  • Upon complying with laws, regulations and statutory legislations 
  • Prioritizing vocational health and labor security
  • Adhering and keeping loyal to Quality Management principles
  • Adopting respect to the environment and nature as our prerequisites
  • Enhancing and upgrading competitiveness, quality assurance and profitability.